UCR- Sede Caribe- Composition II- II Semester 2014

Good afternoon averyone. Just in case here is the Paragraph rubric which is going to be considered for this coming  written work(out-of class composition #1) which you have to deliver on September 3rd,2014. Read it, analyze it , and take into account for any paragraph writing which we hold in this course.

Paragraph Rubric

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UCR Sede Caribe- Composition II-Chronogram of the Course-II Semester 2014

Well, here you already have the chronogram of activities for Compostion II, guys. Please read it all, and if you have doubts let me know them next class. Pay close attention to the underlined phrases because all of them are the evaluation activities that we will have during the semester. Have a nice day!!

Composition II Chronogram


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UCR Sede Caribe- Rethoric I- II Semester

Be welcomed to the Rethoric I  Course. Here you already have the book which is going to mainly used for the theoretical and practical aspects of the (Steps to Writing Well).For next class, I’m going to ask you to read from  pages 1 to 18.  Also, I have uploaded the  to program  of  the course for you to download it to your computer. See you, and have a nice week. On Sunday, I will post the chronogram of the course. I will confirm it to you by text message. Prof.  Victor Hugo Acosta Cerdas.

Steps to Writing Well


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UCR Sede Caribe-Composition II- II Semester 2014

Be welcomed to the composition II course. I expect that from now on you have the chance to get an enriching exprerience from the different activities we are going to do.  Here you can download the program of the course and also the book from where we are going to take many of the theoretical aspects tha are going to be worked in the class. For next class, I’m going to aske to read. First, read about a topic of your interest in order to start producing a paragraph the next coming class. Second, I’m going to ask you to read  from pages  1  to 18(Chapter 1: Pre-writing) included in the  Steps to Writing Well book here in the blue link below. Please consider to read and internalize as much as possible each of the things asked, because we will be doing different activities that will be neccessarily associated with the knowledge you get from each reading. Next class, we will be doing an interactive activity with the information from this first chapter. See you ,   Good afternoon, and have a good day.

Steps to Writing Well



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Linguistics Final Works

Good afternoon, Stephanie. Here you have the 3 final works I’m going to ask you to pass the course. They are going to be done for the next coming week precisely and they ahave a delivery dffrence of three weeks from one another. Here you also have the Linguistics book that you have to read in order to do the assignments. Send the works to my e-mail as soon as you finish each. In case of any doubt, send me a text message or phone call. See you around. Att. Prof Victor Hugo Acosta Cerdas


Trabajos Finales Linguistica


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UCR- Sede Caribe- Linguistics

Good evening, Stephanie, beacuse of a problem charging the pdf book we are going to work with, I will send it until tomorrow morning together with a study guide that will be the first assignment for the Linguistics course. Atte. Prof. Victor Hugo Acosta

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UCR Sede Caribe-Composition II- Final Test

Buenas compañeras, aca esta el examen final del curso. Les solicito que lo envien resuelto a mas tardar el dia lunes 3 de marzo en horas de la mañana. Los resultados se los enviare el dia Martes 4 de Marzo , si Dios quiere.Tambien a parte del examen esta el cuadro de evaluacion  que tomare en cuenta para el ensayo.Que la pasen bien, bendiciones. Atte. Prof. Victor Hugo Acosta.


Essay Evaluation Chart

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